Vicki Rose

Vicki Rose - Piercer

Vicki Rose is from right outside of DC in Arlington, Virginia. In 1999, she moved away from home to Blacksburg, Virginia to go to college at Virginia Tech and started falling in love with body piercing and jewelry. The first piercings she received were a double cartilage, followed by eyebrow and tongue piercings. Vicki placed numerous custom orders for jewelry and was enamored with Body Modification Ezine (BME). Wanting take a break from doing computer programming, she started working for Danny Fowler at Danny’s Ancient Art Tattoo in April 2006, at the same studio she first received piercings. After learning more about her piercing craft she began piercing in August of 2007 and worked there until 2015. She moved to Richmond and worked at a couple of studios until relocating to New Jersey to work at Diamond Heart Studios in 2017. Wanting to move to a larger city, she joined Studio 28 in September of 2018. Her favorite piercings to perform involve adorning ears with multiple piercings or unique body jewelry. Vicki spends a lot of time binge watching television series with her two animals and just finished rewatching Grey’s Anatomy again. She has two ginger cats Kitty and Penny. If she’s not watching tv with them, she’s probably hiking or snowboarding in the winter. When the weather isn’t the best she’s shopping for shoes or more gold body jewelry and ear weights. Like most nerdy piercers, Vicki continues to further her education by attending the annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference taking various courses related to her craft. She is up to date on CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, and First Aid certifications. She has also taken seminars on specific piercing topics including Ear Projects and Custom Bending, Applying Freehand Techniques, Modern Genital Piercings, and Advanced Fundamentals of Rook, Daith, and Tragus piercings.