Rafael Marte

Studio 28 - Rafael, Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist

One of my goals has always been to make art my career. Tattooing has given me that opportunity since 2004. I have spent the last 6 years at Studio 28 Tattoos in the Heart of Manhattan, New York. My style would be considered Illustrative. I like tattooing images that have a sense of realism but I also use graphic elements like bold lines, stippling, and high contrast coloring and shading when the image calls for it. I also really enjoy replicating artwork by actual artist on skin. I like the challenge of keeping the details as close to the original artwork while still making a tattoo that will hold up and look good over time. Custom work takes time to prepare and to actually tattoo, so for a well planned out tattoo, contact the shop with your ideas as soon as you know you would like a tattoo from yours truly. Thank you for your interest and see you in the chair.


Black and Grey Woman
Black and Grey Wolf Night Scene
Black and Grey Cherub
Black and Grey Death Card
Black and Grey Eagle
Black and Grey Flowers in Moon and Sun
Black and Grey Lotus Flowers
Black and Grey Sternum Flowers
Black and Grey Feather, Locket, and Letting
Black and Grey Ganesh
Black and Grey Koi Fish with Lotus Flowers
Black and Grey Lion Healed
Small Black and Grey Lion
Black and Grey Lion
Black and Grey Lion Face with Flowers
Black and Grey Nautical Sleeve
Black and Grey Skull with Roses
Black and Grey Skull
Small Black and Grey Skull
Black and Grey Skull with Color Dogtag
Black and Grey Skull with Color Moth
Black and Grey Snake with All Seeing Eye
Voyage to the Moon
Half Realistic and Half Geometric Wolf
Black Ink Skull and Raven
Black Ink Bee with Stippled Geometric Shapes
Black Ink Circles
Black Ink Compass
Sugar Skull and Hamsa
Black Ink Outline of Flowers
Black Ink Sun and Moon
Vampire and Their Victim
Stipple Hand Holding an Escape Key
Goku Color Piece
Wolf Link
Anime Mermaid
Color Anime Piece
Tiger on Forearm
Tiger and Hanya
Color Cross
Classic Rose
Color Rose with Dew Drops
Illustrative Flowers and Peacock Feather
Illustrative Back Piece
Illustrative Roses
Magnolia Flower on the Shoulder
Color Flowers Arm Piece
Yellow and Grey Flowers
Color Illustrative Jellyfish
Color Illustrative Lighthouse
Illustrative Statue of Liberty
Illustrative Winged Victory
Illustrative Coney Island Steeplechase face
Illustrative clock hand piece
Maryland collage piece
Illustrative rocket ship
Illustrative rose and butterfly
Illustrative sun piece
Color mandala sun
Steak and a butchers knife
Wolf vs. Pheonix
Blue Sparrow
Blue Hawk
Cat portrait with some flowers
Cat portrait
Realistic American flag with blue stripe for Police
Realistic nun rib cage piece
Skull and flower stomach piece
Statue of Liberty
Realistic wolf and flowers
BMO and flowers
Traditional sugar skull with flowers
Traditional sparrow hand tattoo
Traditional and realistic mix California theme piece
Traditional tiger hand piece
Custom lettering
Ayden lettering
Spine lettering
Family First
Lettering on chest
Custom lettering