Bo tattoos

“I have been tattooing for over ten years in New York City. I am experienced in a broad range of styles, though my specializations are in black and gray, neo-traditional, and cover-up tattoos.

While I have always been an artist with a command of various mediums, I made the choice to be a tattoo artist at a young age. Tattooing is one of few surviving ancient practices and it’s not going anywhere. Tattoos have always been a powerful way for people to express themselves- culturally, spiritually, creatively, and otherwise. Helping my clients to express themselves in those ways while honing my craft is what keeps me going.”


Ball of Yarn
Animal Portrait with Color Background
Arrowhead with Nature Scene
Skeleton girl
Scarab beetle
Rowdyruff boy
Mermaid tail
Floral half sleeve
Geometric deer
Eyeball under the skin
Cat portrait
Black Panther necklace