Kirsten Janusewski

Kirsten, Piercer, Studio 28

My desire and interest in body modifications started when I got my first piercings in 2008. Ever since then, my passion has grown into an exciting career. I love piercings because it's such a unique and beautiful way of expressing yourself. There were moments that I got piercings just because I thought it'd enhance my physical features and other times it was to help me through a situation in life at that moment. Either way, it was a memory I got to wear everyday and show off proudly. 
I am originally from Pennsylvania, but I have called New York my home since 2016. In my free time, you can often find me snuggled up with my cats or out exploring the city.
I have attended the Association of Professional Piercer's (APP) Conference in Las Vegas and plan on going annually so I can be up to date with techniques, sterilization methods, and bedside manner. 
Piercings are a different experience for every individual, whether it's spur of the moment or something more personal. I enjoy connecting with each of my clients and helping them through their special experience. I really enjoy creating jewelry/piercing projects to fit your own style. So if you tell me some of your favorite colors, I will create a beautiful, customized project all for you!


Second lobe piercing with yellow gold hammered moon by BodyGems / Third lobe pierced with yellow gold cz bezel from anatometal
Rook piercing with bubble gum opal claw balls from industrial strength
Rook piercing with amethyst flower from anatometal and amethyst clawball from industrial strength
Navel piercing with princess cut sapphire from anatometal
Septum piercing with silver Vaughn from anatometal
Nostril piercing with yellow gold amethyst bezel from anatometal
Triple foreward helix with bubblegum opal cabs from neometal
Conch piercing with rose gold skull from anatometal
Septum pierced with 14g titanium circular barbell
Septum piercing with rose gold clicker by body gems
Helix with yellow gold honey bee by bodygems
Conch piercing with yellow gold round milgrain by bodygems
Daith piercing with anatometal 3 gem white opal fixed bead piece
Industrial with Arctic Blue Marquise CZ and Teal Opal Claw Ball Ends
Daith with Solid Rose Gold Vaughn Seam Ring
Double Nostril with White Opal and Lavender Opal Cabochons
Conch with Champagne CZ 3 Gem Arc Cluster
Helix with Solid Yellow Gold Burst and Clear CZ, Daith with Sapphire and Yellow CZ Clicker, Lobes with Yellow and Sapphire Prong Ends
Double Helix with Solid Yellow Gold Bezel and Clear CZ's
Conch with White Opal Cabochon
Industrial with Emerald Marquise Cut center and Lime Green Opal Bullet Ends
Helix with Solid Rose Gold Virtue with Clear CZ
Lobe with Champangne CZ North Star
Monroe Piercing with Bezel Clear CZ
Lobes with White Opal Cabochons and Genuine Moonstone Cabochons
Navel with Red Paua Shell Gemini
Conch with Bubblegum Opal Prium, Triple Helix with Mint Green, Pink, and Clear CZ Prong Set Ends
Conch with Solid Yellow Gold Bumblebee
Rook with Capri Blue Opal North Star and Capri Blue Opal Claw Ball
Conch with Mint Green Trinity, Triple lobe with Hot Pink Opal, Purple CZ flower, White Opal
Triple Helix with Prong Set Clear CZ's
Daith with 3 Clear CZ captive
Navel with Arctic Blue CZ Princess Cut
Rook with front facing clear CZ's
Helix with Arctic Blue CZ Prium Cluster
Nostril with Artic Blue and Clear CZ Flower end
Septum with Arctic Blue CZ clicker and Philtrum with Fancy Pink CZ North Star end
Paired nostrils with Titanium Ball ends
Helix with prong set Mint Green CZ
Triple Flat with princess cut champagne cz's