Tattoos and piercings of the week !!


Hey everyone ! Hope you are al enjoying the fact that Friday is finally here :) 

This week has brought us some fun projects we would love to share with you. Everyday we work on cool and unique pieces but there are a few that stand out from the rest. 

On Tuesday, Rafael Marte started the first session to a freehand design he came up with. Taking up the entire stomach, Raf started a vulture neo-traditional piece. Though it will take several sessions to complete we are super excited for the results ! 

Ralph Rosa also did this beautiful realistic portrait of an Eagle. Ralph does amazing black and grey realism work and always crushes it when it comes to portraits and animal portraits. 

Saylor did this awesome conch piercing and put in a ruby cluster by Industrial Strength. We are loving the colors in that piece !! 

 Kirsten did a tragus and a helix piercing which came out lovely using a gorgeous CZ northstar  by Industrial Strength and a clear CZ princess cut for the helix by Anatometal.