Starting off the new year !


Happy 2018 everyone ! We are super excited for this new year and new projects coming in for us ! 

This first week of 2018 has already been awesome and we are hopeful that the rest of the year will follow in pursuit. 

Saylor got to start off the new year with an awesome anchor done with a custom ordered rose gold moon with black CZ by anatometal. We take custom orders for any piece of jewelry you can imagine ! Be sure to come in and chat with us about your next piece of jewelry :) 

Ralph Rosa got to start off the year by doing one of his custom designs. A gorgeous black and grey skull piece ! Ralph comes up with a bunch of custom designs he is always looking to tattoo. Be sure to check out our Instagram or Facebook for more of his custom designs. 

Rafael Marte got to do this awesome lettering piece on his client. Can never go wrong with getting your mothers name tattooed on you ! Raf does awesome lettering and is our go to guy for it ! 

Kirsten got to do this gorgeous conch piercing with a yellow gold round milgrain from body gems. Be sure to check out our selection of gold jewelry! 

Jason Ackerman got to do this awesome black and grey time piece for his client. Jason is usually known for his amazing color work but his black and grey pieces are just as rad :) 


We are having a great start to the new year and hope to see you all pop in soon for your next tattoo or piercing !