Name: Saylor (one word like beck)

Height: 198cm   Weight: 13st.

Birthdate: April 11th Birthplace: York, PA

Ambitions: "To make the world a better place one piercing client at a time"

Turn-ons: high quality jewelry, skillfully placed piercings, open minded clients,  traveling, tattoo conventions, guest spots, romantic walks to the bank with my fiancé

Turn-offs: bad piercings, rude people, Living on Staten Island, writing things about myself

Special talents: putting people at ease, making them comfortable, picking things up with my split tongue

Perfect client: happy, open minded, patient, realistic people, who recognize quality

Favorite scent: fresh laundry, neroli portifino by Tom ford

The end to a perfect day: A good meal, a warm bed, Apple TV, 

Spare time is for: creativity, adventure, fun, and/or naps

Phrase to live by: "winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is" -Vince Lombardi


Double eyebrow piercing with front facing gem curve barbells from neometal CZ and sapphire
Conch piercing with a prium cluster from industrial strength
Double tragus piercing done with yellow gold cabs CZ and black CZ by anatometal
Conch with yellow gold beaded swirl by bvla
Conch piercing with industrial strength prium with black and clear CZ
Conch and helix
Septum piercing with front facing turquoise cabochons from Anatometal
Trident ear project with Anatometal black opal bullet tops
Double helix with yellow gold crowns and forward helix with yellow gold sabrina 2, all from Anatometal
Nostril piercing with solid yellow gold spider from body gems
Septum piercing with hinged hoop
Transverse lobes with anatometal peacock opal bullet ends
Second lobe piercing with anatometal white opal bullet and mint green cz clusters
Septum with Tawapa silver mist clicker
Helix with 3 gem cluster of mint green and clear CZ
Triple forward helix with onyx cabochons on top and bottom. black CZ trinity in center
Double tonque piercing on split tongue with IS black opal cabochon tops
Double conch yellow gold body gem spider on top / black CZ trinity from neometal on the bottom